IDEAL solutions For Independent Artists



Our state of the art Digital recording studio offers tracking of up to 24 Channels of pristine 192khz 32bit Audio and unlimited tracks to mixdown.

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Private and group instruction in Music Theory, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Voice, Percussion, Music Synthesis, Ensemble Training, Improvisation, Computer Science and Recording Arts.

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Live Sound

Our 15,000 watt concert sound system and our smaller club PA systems with an experienced engineer are available for your upcoming concerts and club dates.

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Label & Marketing

Whether you are signed to a label, are looking for a deal or just want to market and merchandise your band or career we can help with branding, merchandising, distribution and online sales solutions.

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We have Moved!

Our New Location is behind Scotty's Music School, right next door to the Cotuit Center for the Performing Arts.


4380 A Falmouth Rd. (rte 28)

Cotuit, MA 02635

 (774) 251 - 0240

Winning Ideas For Your Professional Growth

Whether you are a singer songwriter, band, signed artist, recordist or working musician, we can help you hone your skills, record your ideas, build a solid marketing plan and sell your product and your brand. We are experienced in helping independent artists reach their goals and take charge of their careers.

With 3 decades of experience in music education, music production and engineering, concert production, event production, branding and marketing we have the insight that can help you take your career to the next level. Our network of industry professionals is at your disposal to help you keep your profits from your sales and keep production costs within reason. This kind of direction and education has taken decades of real world experience to amass and is absolutely nessisary in the current music industry paradigm. The days of artist developement deals and million dollar contracts are a thing of the past. In today's market you need to have a cost effective solution to creating a viable product and a means of marketing your band, solo music or act and a finished product with a track record to even be noticed by a major label. Without a good marketing strategy and a clear picture of the industry landscape and a good solid work ehtic you will not succeed.

Our strategy is to help you create a marketable sound and give you the best guidance and opportunity to create a workable business model that can stand the test of time to allow you and your act the best chances of success in this new age of independent music in the modern marketplace. Learn how the Tiger can help you get from your basement or the local club scene to world wide recognition with proven strategies and cost effective marketing.

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