Label and Marketing

Plain and simple: What we do is provide you with the tools to brand, market and distribute your music to your target audience. We have the infrastructure to offer you all bells and whistles of being signed to a major label without the debt that you would incur by supporting the huge overhead of a major Label.

In the old music industry paradigm you pitched your music at countless A&R reps by inviting them to your shows, getting them drunk, high, laid or whatever in hopes they would ask one of the producers to come and check you out and hope that guy would decide he wanted to take you into the studio. They would offer you an artist development deal that would basically get you into the studio to record your opus. Then you would sign over most of your publishing and run up a tab that would take you 3 albums if you were successful to pay off before you saw any more than your basic existence expenses, which BTW were also adding to what you owed them. If you were not successful you get the ax and since you were under exclusive contract you also could not work till your contract duration ended. 

With the advances in social networking, technology and gorilla marketing it has never been easier to create and market music, With laptop recording and sites like Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud and YouTube, it has never been easier for the the world to find out who you are. However there is also a down side. There is more published competition than ever as well as allot of low quality poorly produced computer generated talent less crap passing as music than ever before.

With the tsunami of artists and schlock out there, how do you get your band taken seriously? You need to embrace the same practices that the Major Labels of old provided for their creme of the crop aspiring artists. 

  1. Create a salable brand that connects to a target demographic.
  2. Record a hit Album (easier Said than done) and Companion Merchandise.
  3. Market your Album and set up Epic Shows in all Major Markets.
  4. Advertise in national and international media sources (including social media).
  5. Start over and do it all again next year
  6. Within 5 years you will be famous and hopefully financially self sufficient.

Here is where we come in. For most artists the most important part of being an artist is making music and growing their vision and not Brand Management, Booking, Merchandising, Advertising, Manufacturing and Distribution, Music Production and Engineering, Sound Reinforcement or Education and Consulting. Also many of you have a network of your own contacts who do some of the things that you need, you want the freedom to select the services that you want a la' carte'.  

Why is this important. With the old Major Label paradigm that is what your label did and they charged you for it. They were your bank that loaned you the money to produce your tracks and they charged you for that. They manufactured and distributed your music, created derivative products and they charged you for that. Then they took all the money you owed them from the money they made selling your products, brand and image. In the end they held all the cards. 

Artists in the old Music Industry paradigm would need to sell on average 100,000 units to make $40,000. For a 5 piece band that would be about $8500 each. If you were playing Stadiums and selling 10,000 tickets at $50 each you could make your money on the road. 

In the only successful paradigm I have seen in the "New Market" artists maintain control of their own brand. They don't necessarily do it all them selves but they do have control. The most successful Musician Entrepreneurial story I have seen in recent years is the band Phish. With their Independent product and branding model they have soared to heights that few Major Label signed artists have ever seen.

In the old paradigm your 100,000 units returned 40,000 and you had to tour extensively to make your living playing music. An Independent artist that owns their catalog sees an immediate return on investment(ROI). An initial recording budget of $5000.00 will give you 1000 CD's, promotional materials, a custom band website that will sell your low res audio (Mp3's) with a well managed regional touring and marketing campaign that investment in recording and the initial 1000 units, should return with an average selling price of $10.00 per unit $10,000 paying off the initial investment and giving the band a 100% profit margin on the first pressing. From the website if your fans are equally as eager to buy your low res product you can expect to make another 5 to $10,000 on downloads. 

With bank financing your band can expect to spend $100 per month for 5 years paying off your initial investment. In the short term that's $20.00 per month from each player in a five piece band. Not a huge investment for a 100% return. Without selling one unit, its about the price of a 1/2 hour instrument lesson once a month or 2 paks of guitar strings and less than a set of bass strings or a months supply of drum sticks. Worst case scenario your band fails to find it's target audience and you owe a bit of money. In most cases you sell most of your albums and allot of mp3's and you make money on every gig and expand into t-shirt's and other merchandising and increase profits. Order more CD's and record a new album. The repressing brings the cost down to $1.00 per CD since your initial recording budget is already paid by your first pressing and your return on a $1000/1000 unit pressing returns $9000.00. Sell 4000 more CDs and you have a better deal than a Major Label Artist because you own all your rights and you call your own shots. once your initial investment is paid $4000 = $40,000 return on investment. With two records made about 3 yrs into being an independent recording artist you could expect to be twice as far along as a band with a major label deal with a return of around $80,000. The rest is up to you. Play gigs and get your product out there. Make friends at radio stations and make distribution deals with the major CD distributors. Record shows and get them to go viral on social media outlets make friends and fans. Sign your CD's at your shows and build a genuine fan base.

What we offer is support services for Independent artists free of third party branding. You don't need to perform of a dozen different aspects of your business at once because you have a support team to delegate the duties to. You will see what you need as you pursue your dreams and your day to day business. We can help you bring your vision to profitable fruition one step at a time on your budget and get you the notoriety you deserve, launching your dream into a profitable reality as a professional independent artist.