Enjoy our  24  Track digital studio environment to record your  next album. Beat  the stress of city life and record here on beautiful Cape Cod. Our  studio boasts 24 Tracks of stunning 196k 32 bit  audio at tracking (unlimited virtual tracks) and unlimited tracks at mixdown. Export your project on DVD, DAT, MP3  data  upload or  direct  to your USB drive.  Our  microphone  cabinet contains some very  nice famous  maker  dynamic, ribbon and condenser microphones. We have several awesome drum sets, tube guitar  amps and other instrument   amplification. We have several really sweet guitars  and basses as well as alt percussion, and various instruments and session players at your disposal. We also have an 88 key touch sensitive controller built into our custom flying fader mix desk and a plethora of virtual instruments to sweeten your tracks. Our Keyboard station boasts a vintage Ensoniq ESQ-1, and EPS and a computer with many virtual instruments including many vintage synths, authentic Hauptwerk virtual pipe organs, Wurlitzer virtual pipe organs and a assorted fx as well as swell pedals and a MIDI foot controller. Our great room features a Conn 4300 Rhapsody dual manual organ with a 2 octave pedal board and in the vaulted ceiling gables we have 2 Conn Model 145 Pipe Racks for realistic flutes and piccolos. In the living room we have a mid seventies Yamaha E 4 dual manual theater organ complete with two octave foot pedals, accompaniment and percussion and a ribbon controller. Our collection of plugins and outboard gear is bar none and we are ready to help you create a really special new album for your discography. 

Hourly Rates - (rates include engineer)

Music Hourly - $75/hr

ADR/Foley Recording Hourly - $100/hr

Multimedia/Video SNYC Hourly - $100/hr

Mastering $75/hr ($50/hr for projects recorded at WTM)

Block Rates - (rates include engineer, setup time and breakdown) 

4 Hour Block/ any available block of 4 hours during regular business hours 10 am to 10 pm $250

1 Day Block/ 6hr  10am to 4 pm (6 hrs) m-f $400

Week Block/ 5- 6hr days - $1999.99

Weekend Block 2-6hr days - $699.99

Recording Packages *

Studio Album Package - 1 block week of time to record, mix and master your album, A custom band website** with retail download distribution, 1000 retail ready CDs. 100 posters $4999.99

Singer Songwriter Demo Package - 10 Songs 1 master 100 copies $1250.00

* Financing is available and phases of a project can be broken up but payment must be made in advance of session. 

** Returning customers get an added album and mp3s of the new album added to their existing site. Hosting for website account must be paid by credit card and is $129.99 per year, includes domain. Domain and Server Fee is payable by credit or debit card only and billed as an anual subscription. Subscriptions must be canceled by their renewal date (no exceptions) or you will be responsible for the fee.