Whether your a parent looking for instrument instruction for your child of 6 or older, a musician wanting to advance your career or a senior citizen looking to advance his or her musical abilities we can help you reach your musical goals. We have professional teachers who play that instrument and can demonstrate technique and best practices as well a very ambitious accelerated modern curriculum for learning music that can apply to any instrument. 

Our goal is to provide you with a foundation of the language and science of music in a fun and productive environment that will allow you to flourish. With this knowledge and how it applies to your instrument we will teach you to develop your creative spirit while becoming a confident player. You will learn the language of music and and how to express yourself with your instrument or voice. 

Our curriculum is a composite of many methods we have studied as musicians. Our teachers hail from such revered schools as the Berklee College of Music, U C Santa Cruz, The Musicians Institute, University of Hartford, Rutgers University, and U Mass. We have studied several instruments including Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Horns, Drums and Percussion, Ukulele and have compiled a vast wealth of information to help you along the way with your growth as a musician.

Music is basic. It is a language of tone and rhythm like any other. Once you grasp simple concepts you are free to express yourself on any instrument you please. As Scotty West (one of the major contributors to our curriculum) said in his Absolutely Understand Guitar Course the Guitar or any instrument is simply a dumb machine. A typewriter if you will, to express the language of music. Once you understand the language of pitch, melody and harmony and gain an understanding of the fingering of your instrument you can express yourself using that knowledge on any instrument you choose.

Whether you want to learn applied fret-board theory on 4 or more strings or get an experienced producer to dial in your album or stage sound the tiger is at your service. Want to learn good recording technique or how to arrange for your band?

We offer Beginner to advanced instruction in Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Voice, Horns, Music Production, Video Production and Music theory as well as band classes and Performance classes. Our instructors are all industry professionals and are equipped with state of the art teaching technologies and cutting edge curriculum specialized and customized to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

*If you are not local to the Mid Cape Area and you still want to benefit from the guitar curriculum,  the AUG (Absolutely Understand Guitar) Method is available directly from the AUG website complete with over 20 hours of DVD video instruction and the complete course book in either print or pdf format. 

*If you are from out of town we can help you with arranging lodging.

Private and Group instruction Pricing: 

1/2 hr lesson $30.00 

1 hour Lessons $55

After the introductory lesson the tuition is generally paid in monthly blocks as shown below saving you as much as  $5.00 per lesson.

Block of 4 -1/2 hr Lessons $100 in advance 

Block of 4 - 1 hour lessons $180 in advance 

Group lessons add $15 per additional person per hr.

Singer Song Writer demo instruction includes recording studio, Producer, MIDI virtual instruments, loop and sample library, Students need to provide or purchase thumb drive or USB Hard Drive to hold their project data. Available in  1 hr increments and can be booked back to back. 

Recording Studio time $75.00 per hr ($40.00 for enrolled students or alumni) includes engineer. Block rates available on recording page.


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