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I am very glad that you have chosen to dig deeper into what we can do to help you reach your goals as an artist.

Why Water Tiger Music

If you really want to succeed as an artist you must realize the industry is a shark tank and if don't have your business in order you will be eaten by it. However if you understand where the industry is at and you have a winning hand (which we can help you develop) you will live long and prosper in an industry that the pundits say is dead.

The music industry is not dead, far from it. Artists that understand the paradigm shift that occurred in the 90's are doing much better than the artists that still think they will luck into a career by getting a demo in front of a major label producer who will offer them a million dollar development deal with no upfront investment on the part of the artist. 

Those days are gone, if they ever existed at all and artists have to have their product and business together. Many have their own distribution, own 100% of their song rights and call all their own shots. That is how you make money in this business and that is how you survive in these shark infested waters. You need to be the best you can be. Not only do you need to know your instrument, arranging and composition, be really creative and have a tight band, you need to know how to market and brand your products, how to make money gigging, how to set up a tour, how to get airplay and festivals, how to master the use of social media to drive traffic to your artist website and how to survive as an ensemble (band) through the massive learning curve that is ahead of you.

We can prepare you for each step as you make it. The process is not as hard as it looks but you must be committed to the process. Team building is essential because you cant do it alone and its got to be a fun process or it just wont work.

If you are interested in:

  • 24 Track Recording, Mixing or Mastering

  • Instrument and Voice Lessons

  • Music Theory Instruction

  • Band Classes

  • Singer Songwriter and Production Services

  • Live sound Reinforcement

  • Label Submissions 

  • Artist Marketing and Brand Development

  • Music business consulting and how to make a Hit Record and support it

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